Our Products

Our Products

You Don’t Just ‘Hang’ Around An Industry For More Than 30 Years With A ‘Plain Jane’ Solution To A Problem. Designer Deck’s Innovative Approach To Outdoor Flooring Has Yielded A Product Line That Truly Sets Itself Apart From The Rest.


Our flooring is referred to as a ‘floating’ tile. Unlike other brands that use the same terminology to describe their product (which in fact is completely true), our tiles are much easier to remove. This alone, is a distinct difference among competitive and imitation brands. Modulette deck tiles do not snap or attach together and require no gluing, screws or nails to fix them in place, making it easy to access the foundation they sit upon for cleaning, repairing and/or other purposes. Designer Deck’s expert installers, ensure that your purchase is ‘friction fitted’ and we get the job done right! This involves custom cutting your Modulette decking to your outdoor space so that the tile remains intact and does not shift with time.


Take it from us. We’re all too familiar with the issues of uneven surfaces. With this in mind, we’ve designed a durable tile that adjusts to the inconsistencies of construction. The Modulette deck tile is held together with PVC rods that allow it to flex and contour to surface irregularities. We use a levelling agent to assist in more severe situations, leaving you with a solid and safe foundation to walk on.


Take pride in your purchase, we’ve taken pride in building a product worthy of your investment. Modulette decking is designed specifically for outdoor use in all climates including Canada’s harshest. Our products are manufactured with premium, durable quality materials that have been tested and proven to withstand the elements, 365 days a year. Rest assured, your investment will last! Designer Deck is proud to back you with a solid warranty and reliable service.