Outdoor Lighting

High Performance LED Light Strips

Turn up the base, dim the lights and set the mood. Designer Deck is pleased to introduce new outdoor LED ambient lighting; a unique and functional system that adds a touch of class to your balcony flooring. This innovative deck strip lighting is available with all the tools you’ll require to make your outdoor space glow in sophistication.

Designer Deck’s ambient LED strip lighting system is designed to dress up your home for that complete down time and relaxing experience. This awesome addition puts you in control of your atmosphere, with full access to an RGB spectrum of colours or white light only. The user can choose their desired brightness and select from a variety of pre-programmed lighting effects to set the mood to your liking.

Customize your purchase as you wish with expert installation techniques, gismos such as short-range remotes, smartphone apps for controlling your preferred settings and waterproof electrical housings. Sit back, relax and enjoy your investment for years to come; ambient outdoor lighting is an efficient use of your energy, lasting as long as 28 years.

Product Specifications:


H: 3/16 (in.) x W: 1/2 (in.) x L: 8 (ft.) or 16 (ft.)


  • Equipped with a adhesive backing
  • Available in RGB (full spectrum of color) or white light only
  • Wireless remote (sold separately) includes color settings, brightness intensity and strobe effects
  • Weatherproof sheath protects lighting against mother nature’s harshest
  • LED lights last up to 28 years at an average use of 2-3 hrs/day
  • Warrantied for 1 year against parts and labour