How to Convert Balcony to Office for Condo & Apartments

Converting a condo balcony into a workspace is a trendy idea. Since many of us are now working from home, it helps to have an extra room dedicated to an office or study area. Plus, working outdoors offers a refreshing change of pace from being cooped up inside all the time. An office on the condo balcony means you get to enjoy the warm weather and gentle breezes while working productively.

Creating a balcony home office is easier than you think. All you need is the right furniture, office equipment, balcony flooring, and a few touches of personalization. These decorations will tie everything together, giving the condo balcony a polished and professional appearance.

Once you arrange everything, you will have a modern outdoor workspace best enjoyed on sunny days. Let’s learn how to convert a balcony into an office and study room:

Balcony Office Furniture

Your balcony office design should have furniture.

Every office requires furniture, and your condo balcony is no exception. The office furniture you need includes a chair, a table, and storage. You can pick items from the same furniture collection, matching the themes and colours to create a unified aesthetic. Alternatively, you can mix the different styles of office furniture, forming a unique look that is distinctively personal.

Office Chair

Comfortable seating is vital because you may spend hours working in your balcony office. However, you also want practical furniture that keeps you in an upright position. Something like a beanbag chair or a reclining lounge isn’t the best fit for productivity. Instead, prioritize comfort and function equally.

Unlike your workplace office, you can afford to be a little more relaxed in your home. Remember that when you are comfortable, you can get more work done. So, choose a cozy balcony chair or a loveseat with back support. Add a cushion or pillow to make the seating feel comfy. As an optional accessory, you can have a blanket nearby, using it to keep yourself warm on cooler days.

Office Table

Your office chair needs an accompanying table. While some people like putting the laptop on their legs, that isn’t comfortable for extended periods. Plus, it forces you to look down at your laptop screen, which can strain your neck and back. A table feels practical, looks professional, and is essential to your condo balcony office.

Contrary to a traditional office, you don’t need a big, clunky desk. You want a solid and steady surface to place your laptop, but that can be essentially any table. However, pick a balcony table that is an even height with your typing position. That way, you maintain an ergonomic posture when working on your laptop.

Office Storage

Working on the balcony becomes troublesome if you need to go inside to retrieve equipment like paper, stationery, or chargers. Converting a balcony to an office means you require storage space for business items. Your coffee table is a good start. However, you can utilize vertical space with a narrow wall cabinet. Pick an open wall for shelving and fill it with the supplies you regularly use.

Think of all the equipment and supplies you typically have in a home office. Find the right storage pieces that fit the condo balcony’s size. Ideally, try to find office furniture that comes with storage capacity, like a coffee table with drawers. That way, you have a compact space to efficiently store paperwork and office supplies.

Balcony Flooring

Turn your balcony into office by adding flooring tiles.

Most condo balconies come with linoleum or bare concrete floors by default. Their dull appearances look uninspiring for a professional office. Plain flooring makes your balcony office resemble a colourless cubicle, which isn’t an attractive aesthetic for a work environment.

Instead, you will want to upgrade the flooring. Why not elevate the balcony office design with beautiful tiles? Balcony tiles have a luxurious appearance, making your office space look modern and professional. Their styles include hardwood, recycled plastic, and artificial grass, all of which will transform your balcony’s aesthetic. Plus, the tiles feel cozy and comfortable on your feet, perfect if you want to go barefoot for a while.

Balcony Lighting

An outdoor balcony home office needs lighting.

Lighting doesn’t seem like a problem when working in your condo balcony office during the daytime. Regardless of your building’s location, the sun should provide you with enough light to see. However, the sun’s glare might aggravate you at certain angles. A large umbrella can provide shade without taking away the charm of a balcony. Alternatively, set up your work area under partial shade. Add a small desk lamp nearby if you need more lighting.

The sun might begin to set before the end of your workday, just as you are wrapping up your projects. Set up reading lights that will illuminate your workspace in the evenings. In addition, you may want to install LED strip lighting on your condo balcony. These innovative outdoor lights will brighten your workspace throughout the night.

Balcony Office Privacy

Privacy is essential to your outdoor balcony office ideas.

When you are working, you don’t want distractions. You also need privacy from your next-door condo neighbours. Your best solution is to put a privacy screen on either side of your balcony. These screens will transform your office balcony into a secluded escape from the outside world.

Alternatively, you can use plants to achieve a similar sense of privacy. Use a bamboo wall to achieve a trendy look. Even small hedging trees work if you want that rustic, outdoor office vibe.