6 Condo Balcony Makeover Ideas on a Small Budget

Decorating a condo balcony for the first time is an exciting prospect. You can customize every feature to match your style, personality, and interests. However, these decorations may lose their novelty over time, especially with changing trends. If you think your current decor looks dated, it may be time for a condo balcony makeover.

You can revamp the outdoor enclosure by adding plants, changing furniture, or upgrading the balcony flooring. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend a fortune buying new decorations. The best balcony makeover ideas are achievable on a small affordable budget. A makeover doesn’t require you to redesign the entire area from scratch. Instead, you can make minor enhancements that add a unique aesthetic to your condo balcony.

Here are six condo balcony makeover ideas on a small budget:

Makeover Idea #1: New Balcony Chairs

Charis are great balcony makeover ideas.

You may have a favourite chair on your condo balcony. It’s a cozy, comfortable seat that allows hours of relaxation and lounging. Unfortunately, this balcony chair may be worn-out after extensive use, showing early signs of deterioration. Instead of holding onto this old keepsake, why not get new balcony chairs? With many options in the market, you may discover a suitable replacement for your next favourite chair.

The most comfortable balcony chairs include outdoor sofas and loveseats, especially ideal for entertaining guests. You may also prefer foldable chairs, which maintain the flexibility of your balcony area. You have the choice to open up the balcony by quickly closing the chairs. If you have a small condo balcony, you can use stools to maximize the available space.

If you plan on buying a balcony chair, a new colour or pattern can make a significant difference. The objective of this makeover is to change up the usual appearance. You can accomplish this by experimenting with a new colour scheme, starting with your seating options. As an optional step, you may also accessorize the chairs with cushions, blankets, and rugs.

Makeover Idea #2: New Balcony Flooring 

Flooring can be an excellent idea for a condo balcony makeover.

Updating your balcony flooring is one of the best makeover ideas. The floor occupies a significant portion of every balcony enclosure. It plays an influential part in shaping how you feel about the outdoor space. Since the flooring is so prominent, it’s worth spending a part of your budget on new and improved outdoor tiles.

There are many styles of condo balcony flooring. Some people prefer pressure-treated wood tiles, which offer a classic texture with a contemporary polish. Others love elevated porcelain tiles for their classy, elegant, and modern appearance. You may also enjoy recycled plastic flooring tiles, available in wide or narrow dimensions to accommodate different balcony sizes. Whichever option you choose, new balcony flooring will drastically improve the livability of your outdoor area.

Makeover Idea #3: New Balcony Garden 

A garden is a good balcony makeover idea on a small budget.

Plants are one of the cheapest ways to transform your condo balcony visually. On a modest budget, you can fill your outdoor area with various flowers, plants, and vegetation. The vibrant greens and lush colours will revitalize the balcony, transforming it into an outdoor retreat. It will produce an inviting ambiance whenever you step outside.

When creating a balcony garden, it’s crucial to assess how much sunlight you get daily. It will determine which plants perform best based on the climate conditions. If you are low on space, you can use hanging baskets to elevate your plants. Some popular balcony garden ideas include begonias, geraniums, and fresh herbs, which can thrive in warmer seasons.

Makeover Idea #4: New Balcony Lights

Lights are creative balcony makeover ideas.

Lights are an excellent way to enhance the décor of your balcony. You can install outdoor LED lighting systems to illuminate your outdoor area during nighttime. A unique feature of LED lights is the customization, allowing you to adjust the colours according to the RGB spectrum. Every night, you can change the balcony’s ambiance to a different colour that reflects your mood for the day.

There are other ways to add an atmospheric glow to your condo balcony. Lanterns are popular among those who want a rustic feel in their outdoor space. Similarly, you can add a glass jar with a candle to make the evening more charming and intimate. Alternatively, electronic candles operate on battery power and require little setup or maintenance. They replicate a similar ambiance as real candles without the risk of fire hazards.

Makeover Idea #5: Balcony Accessories & Wall Decor

Use accessories and wall decor for condo balcony makeover ideas.

Decorate your outdoor area with accessories, personal mementoes, and vacation souvenirs. Also, maximize the wall space available. The walls on your balcony may look plain, but they can work to your advantage when decorating. It gives you a perfect blank canvas to decorate with various accessories, adding a personal touch that reflects your character.

Walls are great places to include shelves, allowing you to store books, magazines, and personal mementoes. You can even place multiple shelving systems to create a makeshift bookcase, ideal for avid readers. Additionally, you can hang lights, plants, and other accessories on the walls. Other options include adding art pieces, sculptures, and framed pictures of your loved ones.

Makeover Idea #6: Outdoor Balcony Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent condo balcony makeover idea.

Many people use their balconies for relaxing, socializing, and entertaining guests. However, this versatile space has other functions that may not seem immediately obvious. For example, have you considered turning your condo balcony into an outdoor kitchen? Enjoying a hearty meal outside is a delightful experience, providing a new change of scenery as you savour your favourite foods.

Creating an outdoor balcony kitchen is easy. The setup can be as straightforward as matching dining chairs and tables. You can also enhance the space with other appliances, like coffee makers, gas grills, and mini-fridges. Some condo residents also enjoy setting up a balcony bar with their favourite selection of beverages.