City life has its perks. You are close to work, amenities, an endless selection of shops, and or course the vibrant bustling nightlife. Living in the city also means your home is usually a condo, which comes with an outdoor balcony enclosure in most cases. What if there’s a way to bring a chic, artistic, and bohemian vibe to your condo balcony? Boho balcony decor transforms the space into a laidback paradise, where you can enjoy the sun and experience positive vibes.

The bohemian theme is about being comfortable and free-spirited, so bring in a style that fits your personality. A boho balcony focuses on embellishing the space with decor and accessories that you like. There are no strict guidelines for how the condo balcony should look. Don’t be afraid to make your own unique twist, creating an elegant beauty out of that unconventional and unstructured look.

Are you looking for creative inspiration with the bohemian-chic aesthetic? There are countless decor ideas with balcony tiles, furniture pieces, and cozy accessories. Let’s check out six decorating ideas to create a bohemian balcony in your condo apartment:

1. Aim for a rustic, natural bohemian vibe.

Why not give your balcony a natural vibe with rustic furniture and plenty of plants? Put your DIY skills to the test with some reclaimed wood or old pallets. You can build a unique lounge chair that is crafted exclusively in your personal home studio. Rustic accents like an old gas lanterns and wicker baskets will also accentuate the space with a bohemian atmosphere.

In addition, introduce different succulents in your condo balcony garden. These low-maintenance plants can take care of themselves. Plus, they thrive in dry conditions, so the climate won’t be a factor. Let your plants take over the condo balcony and surround you with the fresh feeling of mother nature.

2. Renovate your condo balcony flooring.

Some condo balconies have drab linoleum flooring that doesn’t feel too good on the feet. You can add some bohemian balcony magic to spruce up its appearance! Go to a rug centre and find something with a pattern that speaks to you. Then, lay them out on the condo balcony to give your feet some cozy comfort. Not only will they warm up your toes, but the rugs will brighten the whole space too.

Additionally, you can install condo balcony flooring that gives you the coveted bohemian vibe. You can find balcony tiles made with lush thermory hardwood, warm western red cedar, or beautiful treated pine. These flooring renovations will give you a fast and dramatic change to your condo balcony’s appearance. You can even get some synthetic grass tiles to feel like you are relaxing in the wilderness.

3. Get cozy with boho fabrics, pillows & blankets.


You can add an exotic touch to your condo balcony with colourful patterns on different fabrics. Hang a printed sheet on the wall or let it shade you from the sun. Lots of pillows bring comfort and security, while a blanket can keep you and a loved one warm into the evening.

Best of all, it’s easy to bring these fabrics, pillows, and blankets indoors at night or if the weather changes. On sunny days, don’t be afraid to display these items in your boho balcony paradise. Also, don’t worry about matching your patterns either because you want to have that mismatched look. The bohemian lifestyle is all about adventure and artistry, so show off that style in your decor!

4. Add a casual dining area.

Part of embracing your bohemian balcony is dining outside with a view. You can set up a casual dining area to enjoy food and drinks well into the night. The dining arrangement can be an old wooden table with benches on with side and pillows for seating. Make it look comforting and cozy, allowing the guests to enjoy the meal for hours.

Don’t worry about proper table settings. Just decorate the table with simple seasonal touches and serve the food on family-style platters. Fill the meals with tasty favourites and intoxicating spirits to sip. After the meal is finished, you don’t need to be in a rush to clean up and clear the table. Your bohemian balcony is about taking the time to relax, bond with your companions, friends and live in the moment.

5. Set up a cozy corner on the balcony.

The bohemian lifestyle is all about non-conformity, so why spend your weekend in shopping malls or crowded spaces? Sometimes, it’s much better to unwind on your condo balcony and dive into a relaxing book. It’s also a great time to meditate in the sun while stretching out on a lounge chair. If you fall asleep in your balcony lounge, that’s perfectly okay. Give yourself some personal time to regenerate and see where the afternoon takes you.

All you need in your cozy reading nook is a comfortable balcony chair. You may also consider an ottoman with storage for a comfy pillow and warm blankets. Add a small side table for a cup of tea and a bowl of your favourite snacks. Make this area as convenient as possible so that you don’t have to get up to fetch your comfort items.

6. Bring in lighting for nighttime.